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Shanghai Yanghu Flooring Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production, sales and construction of integrated anti-static flooring. After years of development and innovation, the company has accumulated strong technical force and updated advanced equipment, and has been a pioneer in the anti-static flooring industry for several years. Products are widely used in modern buildings, intelligent office buildings, microcomputer rooms, monitoring rooms, power distribution rooms and microelectronics, semiconductors, optics, automobiles, aerospace, precision instruments, circuit board printing, communications processing and biotechnology, medicine, medical Equipment and other high-tech enterprises and government schools. The company's products have been spread all over the country and exported to Europe, America and other countries. The company has always grown the company under the concept of quality brand and trustworthy service. We look forward to accompany your company to grow with our enthusiasm. We have clear goals and we always believe that human nature is the highest sales law.


We are committed to cultivating science and technology talents with new high-tech and contributing to the progress of the country together

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